Grade 2022

Salary Grade 2022

Salary Grade 2022
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Each government worker is assigned a salary grade (SG) that corresponds to their monthly pay. Salaries in the Philippine government range from grade 1 all the way up to grade 33, with the latter entitling its holders to the highest pay.

What Does a Salary Step Entail?

There are eight tiers, or levels, within each pay grade (SG 33 has just two) that determine an employee’s starting compensation in accordance with their years of service in a certain role.

No matter what wage grade they’re employed for, all new government hires start at Step 1. Employees progress to the next wage level after three years of sustained good service in their existing roles.

Some essential information that you should be aware of:

  • Hourly rates for part-time workers are based on actual time worked. If an employee works half a day, they will be paid at a rate that is equivalent to half of their wage grade and step.
  • To determine how much daily pay is for “No Work, No Pay” employees, the monthly salary loan is divided by the number of working days in a month (often 22).

Salary Grades for Various Government Jobs

  • People in the Executive Branch/Constitutional Officials

Those who hold the top positions in the government, whether by election or appointment, are rewarded with the greatest SSS Salary Loan.

As the head of state of the Philippines, the President is entitled to the highest wage tier (grade 33) available to government employees.

  • Professional Supervisory

Managerial positions in the government are compensated by salary grades 9 through 33.

  • Competent but not Supervised Professionals

Jobs that require specific professional skills or in-depth expertise in the arts and sciences are paid at grade levels 8 through 30.

  • Lower-Level Management

Managers of personnel in clerical, technical, and manual occupations are allocated pay grades 4 through 18.

  • Non-supervisory lower-level professional

Workers with a primary/secondary/vocational degree or a bachelor’s degree who conduct manual, repetitive, or regular labor are given salary grades 1 through 10.

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